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Designated as an Official Supplier of 1988 Seoul Olympics

Designated as an Official Supplier of 1988 Seoul Olympics


Venue: Seoul, Korea

Period: 1988.09.17 ~ 10.02

Participating Nation: 160 nations

Sporting Events: 23 official events (Athletics, Rowing, Basketball, Boxing , Canoeing , Cycling, Fencing, Football , Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Handball , Field Hockey , Judo, Swimming , Wrestling, Modern Pentathlon, Horse Riding, Shooting, Archery, Volleyball, Sailing, Table Tennis, Tennis)

2 demonstration events (Baseball, Taekwondo, Women Judo)

2 exhibit sports events (Badminton, Bowling)

1 exhibit specified event (Disabled Wheelchair Race)


As an official supplier of the display board and technical support in the 24th Seoul Olympics participating 160 countries in which was the largest ever recorded, Samik Electronics is recognized as a specialist of the display board technology and makes a huge contribution to the successful operation.


▶Jamsil 88 Olympics Main Stadium Display Board Installation






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