Video wall display has the best picture quality and clarity. It can be used efficiently in a variety of Control room, meeting room, broadcasting and so on. It provides the optimal screen for customer use.

P0.9 P1.2 P1.48 P1.9
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.9 1.23 1.48 1.98
Brightness(cd/m²) 800 1,200
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1,920/3,840
Power Consumption
760/263 680/170 470/115 430/105
Panel Resolution 360x405 384x432 320x360 240x270
Panel Size(mm) 325x365x88 476x535x78
Weight (kg/panel) 4.5 9
IP level IP30
Gray Scale(Bit) 16
Maintenance Front/Rear
  • Life time 100,000 hours, Screen maintain High quality and clarity in long term use.
  • Create a bezel-free, uniform screen with a single integrated screen.
  • High-light displayprovides a clear screen even in a bright indoor environment
  • Simple and quick to adjust the color and brightness of the entire screen.
  • Noise free by not using fans.
  • Free screen configuration with screen segmentation.
  • KC certification, Signal back-up(redundancy), Power back-up support that continuous operation in case of an abnormality.

 Free screen configuration and installation

Depends on customer request, various screen size can be available, FHD/4K/8K screen also.

6x3 panels 8x4 panels 10x5 panels 12x6 panels 16x8 panels 20x10 panels
2.85x1.6m 3.8x2.14m 4.76x2.67m 5.7x3.2m 7.6x4.28m 9.52x5.35m
P1.2 2,304x1,296 3,072x1,728 3,840x2,160(4K) 4,608x2,592 6,144x3,456 7,680x4,320(8K)
P1.4 1,920x1,080(FHD) 2,560x1,440 3,200x1,800 3,840x2,160(4K) 5,120x2,880 6,400x3,600
P1.9 1,440x810 1,920x1,080(FHD) 2,400x1,350 2,880x1,620 3,840x2,160(4K) 4,800x2,700

 Seamless screen border and spotless clean

The combination of aluminum die-casting cabinet and rear bolt hole module adjustment provide the best screen quality by minimizing gap between modules and cabinets.

The Boundary Line
Before After

 High definition LED display

The use of selected led chip and high color bit control provide the best high definition screens in any environment.

Before After

 Ultra high speed screen display

High speed screen displays above 1920hz ~ 3840 hz per second provide the best screen quality without any residuals or flickers.

Before After

 Best operational reliability

Controller redundancy, signal back-up redundancy and power back-up provide 365 days of non-disruptive operation.

Automatically change the
back-up signal when the main signal is blocked.
LED Screen

 System diagram