CSR Overview

The majority of corporate and stakeholder around the world recognizes Corporate Social
Responsibility as a very important management activity.
This is because CSR enables them to achieve sustainability.

If a corporate fails to respond various stakeholders’ needs in regards to CSR, it will be threatening the corporate operation. If a corporate, however, actively engages in CSR management, it will be able to maintain the corporate value with risk management and to improve it through new products and service that reflect CSR.

Recently, the importance of CSR activities for sustainable growth has been continuously increasing over the corporate management.

Samik Electronics recognizes that CSR is an essential part to become a sustainable company, and we have carried out CSR activities over the entire management including CSR governance and strategic system.

Samik Electronics strives to secure CSR competitiveness at global level by integrating CSR to the corporate strategy, culture and operation.
Samik Electronics will continue to develop into a more esteemed global company by achieving CSR that gives various stakeholders trust in the future.