Bank of Korea (BOK) Integrated Annex

- B1 Executive Office (86")
- 1st floor visitor center lobby (P1.2)
- Conference Room of Press Conference Hall on the 1st floor (65")
- 1st floor press conference hall electronic banner (P3.9)
- Subconference Room-1 (98") on the 2nd floor of the ground floor
- 2nd Floor Small Meeting Room-2 (98")
- Small meeting room-3 on the 2nd floor (P1.2)
- 2nd Floor Mid-Conference Room (P1.2)
- State Audit Office on the 2nd floor (P0.7)
- 2nd floor external empty access room-1 (86")
- 2nd floor external empty access room-2 (86")
- Meeting Room of Governors on the 15th floor (P0.7)
- Office of the Monetary Policy Committee on the 16th floor (P0.7)
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